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Compare Advance

Compare Advance is aimed to compare the contents of two folders
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Compare Advance is aimed to compare the contents of two folders. This allows you to make sure that the backup of a specific folder contains exactly what you want or to synchronize the contents of two folders.
The tool has a nice interface. Although it may seem a little complicated at first, a brief explanation will soon help you understand what it all is about. Thus, you can start by selecting the two folders to compare. Not only local folders are supported but also network locations and portable storage devices. Moreover, it allows selecting archives. Such options as multi-folder selection, root files inclusion or archive folder exclusion can be activated as well. When you select the two folders, you can access a comparison report. Various tabs let you filter the results to focus on their similarities and differences. This way it is very easy to synchronize their contents.
Projects including regular comparison jobs can be created to monitor frequent folder synchronizing operations. Several additional options let you use given parameters for the comparison. For instance, you can use the files’ sizes or modification dates.
All in all, there are several scenarios in which Compare Advance may be quite useful. These include synchronizing files between your portable and desk computers or between workstations and a server. The tool can also create backups of important folders and files on the selected target location, either zipped or not. All this comes with a detailed log of all the operations. You may find particularly useful the feature that automatically compares contents to avoid copying those files whose contents have been in turn extracted from archives available on the same location, which will save a lot of storage space.

Pedro Castro
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Downloading from Software Informer as the program is discontinued by the developer

Review summary


  • It has a nice interface
  • It allows comparing different types of source folders
  • It allows synchronizing contents
  • It creates a detailed log of all the operations


  • Although basic options are easy to use, exploiting all the program's features successfully needs time and help
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